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Chest for all granchildren  ? box with l

Sidney Roberts - serendipity

This chest is one of seven each of my grandchildren have one.  Each one different is made in different words to different designs.
Crib  2B4094C6-C0E0-4C2D-862E-FC12C64EC4

The crib is a Shaker design.  The wood was from two large logs that a large industrial machine stood on, and was reduced to handleable size.  All seven grandchildren started life in it.   It is waiting for great grandchildren !

Sit on engine 2537D749-5A59-4C5F-96D1-06

After retirement from the aircraft and motor industries, I took up woodwork and created the subjects of this 2nd exhibition.  (See the July exhibition for my painting and drawing, now all sold). 

I'm currently getting a workshop built to resume woodworking, and plan to concentrate on small items mainly children's toys.  

201117 Welsh dresser 1.jpeg
This Welsh dresser was made from wooden beams given to me by my neighbour George, and reduced in size not quite enoughso I had to buy some more to finish it
Rocking horse D9C9441E-F4AE-45DC-8738-15
The engine is a sit on and made for Max in the USA and taken to him when visited Sarah in Florida
'Sunshine' is the first of three made for each family.  She is still sat on by everyone visiting David and Jane.  
Corner unit and bookcase in the background were made in my garage workshop as were them or no car was ever garaged
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