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Bee IMG_8931.JPG


Rosa Herring

- mixed modern

Humming Bird

This second show of my recent  work includes two more intricate ink pieces - Bee and Hummingbird.


Both have been made into cards which are also for sale.  Contact me at

Humming bird IMG_8934.JPG

This series of life sketches is based on my interest in the human figure.


I tend to over complicate my work, so I enjoyed keeping this simple and abstract, as well as allowing the water on ink to determine the outcome of the piece.

Figure 7 IMG_8923.jpg
Figure 2 IMG_8894.jpg
Figure 6 IMG_8918.JPG
Figure 5 IMG_8913.jpg
Figure1 IMG_8888.JPG
Figure 4 IMG_8906.JPG
Face IMG_8892.jpg
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