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- Four Seasons Diary

Diarium  Horea Serenea.jpg

Autumus - Autumn 

Image3 DIARIUM Hemis closeup .JPG

Hemis - Winter 

Jan Edwards - mixed media paper artist

jan edwards portrait.JPG

Arriving in Wiltshire after living in France for many years, turns a new chapter on my creativity,  landscape, culture and art.  The onset of the ‘lockdown’, created a strange unknown entity to my unconsciousness. A chance to re - access not only one’s art but ones whole being. 

In August and September 2020, I exhibited DIARIUM HORAE SERENAE at Lyme Bay Arts Gallery at Symondsbury Eastate Bridport, having shown my broad range of multi-media work in the past in many countries, from  China - Bulgaria, from the Philippines – Turkey  

Jan Alison Edwards BA PGdip

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FOUR SEASONS DIARY, shown here in the Quidhampton November 2020 exhibition, is a recording of the sense of place , in colour,  texture  and words of all the flora and fauna identified  in the valley of Le Tel situated in the Cevennes region of France where we lived.

Humankinds relationship with nature lies at the heart of all my art work. The artist book is often my preferred form. 

As a mixed media artist plant fibre is an essential element of my creations. I belong to a group of more than 500 artists worldwide  working in fibre and paper; members of the The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAMPA).  See us at

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