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Black lives matter IMG_0427.JPG

Black lives matter

Faceless in the crowd IMG_0327.PNG

Faceless in the crowd

Homeless old lady  IMG_0424.JPG

Homeless old lady

Lockdown May 20 IMG_0266.JPG

Masked Woman

Inga Lauriston

  - people 

 I am not really sure what inspires me to pick up a paintbrush. 
It is  a feeling that I need to express something there and then,
without any forethought, or preparation.

Have been asked “why do your faces have closed eyes?”
Had to think about this one! ...when our eyes are closed we are shutting out the world,
But maybe addressing our inner, spiritual world.
Closing down to block out pain?

In the darkness the light is different.

Inga portrait.jpeg
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