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2 Savernake Forest IMG_5358.jpeg

Audrey Catford

  - lifelong interests

170923 Oldest artsit Audrey Catford Quid

Savernake Forest


4 Salisbury Market IMG_5362.jpeg

Here Audrey, the oldest resident of Quidhampton, presents a second exhibition of her art work

She has always been interested in drawing and painting, originally working  in oil.  

On coming to Wiltshire after retirement as a Medical Social Worker in various teaching hospitals, she discovered a watercolour class run by the U3A, and to her great pleasure became fascinated by this new medium. 

Salisbury Market

1 Barn Interior crp IMG_5357.jpeg
5 Stourhead in winter IMG_5365.jpeg

Barn interior

    Stourhead in winter

3 At the plough IMG_5368.jpeg

At the plough

6 White Cyclamen IMG_5359.jpeg

White Cyclamen

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